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Spring 2023 ATCN teaching day - Nerve Ultrasound Training Day (face-to-face access)
Start Date
End Date
Thursday 2 Mar 2023 09:00 AM
Thursday 2 Mar 2023 17:00 PM
Ysbyty Gwynedd Hospital, Bangor

The teaching day has been split into talks and workshop. The workshop is exclusively for trainees only (face-to-face).

This is a hybrid meeting and you would also be able to attend a part of this event virtually, but the aim is to devote much of the time to practical tuition so that attendance in person should be the preferred option.

Please click here if you are interested to attend this event virtually (link).


Dr Gareth Payne, Dr Jeremy Bland, Dr Stephan Goedee

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TimeType Presenter
09:00Lecture An introduction to ultrasound physics Dr Jeremy Bland
09:30Lecture 'Knobology' - common controls on ultrasound scanners Dr Jeremy Bland
09:40Lecture Writing an ultrasound report Dr H Stephan Goedee
09:50Lecture Ultrasound Example Cases Dr Stephan Goedee
10:30Refreshment Morning Coffee  
11:00Lecture Ultrasound practical session 1 Faculty
12:30Refreshment Lunch  
13:30Lecture Ultrasound of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Dr Jeremy Bland
14:15Lecture Ultrasound in Polyneuropathy Dr H Stephan Goedee
15:00Refreshment Afternoon Tea  
15:15Lecture Ultrasound practical session 2 Faculty
16:40Lecture Future developments in ultrasound imaging Dr H Stephan Goedee