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February 2021 ATCN Training Day
Start Date
End Date
Friday 12 Feb 2021 09:30 AM
Friday 12 Feb 2021 16:00 PM
Online Only (Zoom)

This meeting will take place using 'Zoom' - The link has been emailed to all 44 registered participants. If you do not have it yet please check your spam folder and if you cannot find it ask Louise or Jeremy Bland to send it again.

• Please join the meeting by 0950hrs to facilitate a prompt start at 1000hrs.
• Please join zoom with your name displayed correctly and with the name that you have registered with for this meeting.  Should you need to change your name once you have joined the meeting, please follow these simple steps.
o Click on participants icon at the bottom of the screen
o Hover over your name and click “more”
o Click rename to update
o Type in your full name in the “enter new name” box
• Please ensure that you attend all sessions throughout the day
• Please ensure that during presentations, your camera and microphone are switched off.
• If you are sharing an office whilst attending this meeting, sound can sometimes become distorted.  Please use “chat” to ask any questions.
• During question time, please submit your questions via the chat option within zoom.  The Chair will then select a few questions to ask the speaker to answer live.  You can “like” a question.  The more likes, the greater chance it will be used.
• After this event please ensure that you complete the feedback link on the BSCN website where you registered, as this is dependent upon you receiving your certificate.

We hope that you enjoy the day.


Dr Syed AR Shah (Registrar)
Dr Taimour Alam (Consultant)

Abstracts (can change before the event)
No abstracts
TimeType Presenter
10:00Lecture Basics of Intraoperative Monitoring Dr Alexander Barker
10:45Lecture Running An IOM Case Mr Martyn Thompson
11:30Refreshment Short Break  
11:45Lecture Walkthrough Of Interesting Cases And Set ups Dr Taimour Alam
12:30Refreshment Lunch Break  
13:30Lecture Interesting Neuromuscular Cases Dr Ibrahim Ali
14:15Refreshment Short Break  
14:30Lecture Brachial Plexus Pathologies & Electrophysiological Assesment Dr Tatyana Yermakova
15:15Lecture EMG/Neuromuscular Quiz Of The Day Dr Syed AR Shah
16:00Close Concluding Remarks