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The BSCN (founded as The EEG Society) grew out of a group which first met in January 1942 "for an informal discussion among practising electroencephalographers on the technical and clinical aspects of electroencephalography". Quarterly meetings followed, and in 1943 the group became more formally organised as the Electroencephalographic Society with Professor E.D. Adrian, OM, FRS, as the first President.


    First EEG congress 1947

The society was incorporated in April 1951. It was registered as a charity in 1983. Following a vote of the Society's members it changed its name to the British Society for Clinical Neurophysiology (Registered Charity No: 285946)  in 1989.

The Society was established to promote and assist the science and practice of electroencephalography, clinical neurophysiology and allied subjects.

Organisation of the Society

The officers of the Society consist of the President, who holds office for two years, followed by a further one year if re-elected, the Secretary, Treasurer, Meetings secretary, International Secretary, Webmaster, Membership Secretary, Education Committee Chair and Clinical Standards Committee Chair who hold office for three years followed by up to three further one year terms if re-elected. In 2021 the post of President-Elect was created to smooth the transition from one President to the next. The officers of the society constitute the council of management of the society. Further members of the society may be co-opted to serve on council as required.

List of current council members

Presidents of the society, past and present

The society offers two forms of membership - Corporate Members have voting rights, Subscribers pay a small annual fee for access to the facilities of the website and rights of attendance at scientific meetings. Applications for membership may be made directly on the website (link in left menu).


Election of Members (Corporate Members) is at the Annual General Meeting of the Society and is subject to the following conditions:

  1. The application must be accompanied by the recommendations of not less than two members, each of whom must have personal knowledge of the applicant.
  2. Applicants must be graduates of a recognised University or members of a recognised learned professional body or have had such experience of electroencephalography or allied subjects as to entitle them, in the opinion of the Council, to admission to the Society.
  3. Unless registered with the General Medical Council as specialists in, or hold top grade clinical scientist posts in clinical neurophysiology, or otherwise decided by the Council, applicants must have read a paper at one of the Society's scientific meetings.


Persons interested in but not necessarily engaged in the science and practice of electroencephalography or allied subjects may be admitted by the Council as Subscribers to the Society on the proposal of a Member.


Corporate Members (Consultants in CNP) £100.00
Corporate Members (Other doctors and non-doctors) £30.00
Subscribers £15.00
Retired Members £15.00



The society is affiliated to the International Federation for Clinical Neurophysiology (IFCN) - a worldwide body with similar aims to our own

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