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Guided Botulinum Toxin Course
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End Date
Friday 14 Jun 2024 09:00 AM
Friday 14 Jun 2024 17:00 PM

We are excited to invite you to register to our upcoming course on guided botulinum toxin, to be held on 14th June 2024, at 33 Queen Square, London.

The course will explore movement disorders amenable to treatment with botulinum toxin, with a particular focus on cervical dystonia, cranial dystonia, and limb dystonia.

Throughout the day, attendees will have the opportunity to engage in introductory lectures, video sessions, and small-group discussions, providing an interactive learning experience. Our agenda will cover a wide range of topics, including clinical and electrophysiological assessment of movement disorders, anatomy and identifying targets for injections, innovative approaches in guided injection procedures using electromyography and ultrasound, clinical efficacy, safety considerations, and practical tips.

The course will conclude with a quiz, allowing participants to test their knowledge and reinforce key concepts learned throughout the day.
To secure your place, please reserve your spot promptly. Spaces are limited to 50 and to BSCN members only.

Warm regards,

Dr Jacquie Deeb
Dr Carla Cordivari
Dr Santi Catania

Jacquie Deeb, Carla Cordivari, Santi Catania

Date 14 June2024

33 Queen Square, London (details)

Course Fees: Trainess with NTN: £30   Other BSCN Members: £100

Registration deadline: 31 May 2024

Faculty: Jacquie Deeb JD, Carla Cordivari CC, Santi Catania SC, Korina Li KL, Sabine Klepsch SK  (Biographies)

Compliance Statement:
The sponsors have provided financial support for this meeting, with no influence on the content of agenda or the speakers selection.We are grateful for the support of our Sponsors at this event:  Abbvie, Ipsen & Merz

* This meeting will be face to face & only for BSCN members

Full details?
Programme (can change before the event)
DateTimeType Presenter
Fri 14 Jun 202409:00Registration Registration  
Fri 14 Jun 202409:30Miscellaneous Welcome by Dr Jacquie Deeb  
Fri 14 Jun 202409:35Lecture Introduction: botulinum toxin and its uses Dr Korina Li
Fri 14 Jun 202409:50Lecture Movement disorders Cervical dystonia (CD) Dr Santi Catania
Fri 14 Jun 202410:10Lecture Assessment of CD: Clinical & electrophysiological Anatomy of the neck Targets for injection Dr Carla Cordivari
Fri 14 Jun 202410:30Lecture All groups video session. Case discussions Dr Carla Cordivari and Dr Santi Catania
Fri 14 Jun 202411:00Refreshment Coffee break  
Fri 14 Jun 202411:30Lecture Use of ultrasound scan in CD Dr Sabine Klepsch
Fri 14 Jun 202411:50Workshop Small groups -Workshop 1 (JD, SC, CC, KL, SK)  
Fri 14 Jun 202413:00Refreshment Lunch break  
Fri 14 Jun 202414:00Lecture Cranial dystonia + Anatomy Dr Jacquie Deeb
Fri 14 Jun 202414:30Lecture Tremor + Limbs dystonia +Anatomy Dr Carla Cordivari
Fri 14 Jun 202415:00Lecture All groups video session. Case discussions Dr Santi Catania
Fri 14 Jun 202415:30Refreshment Coffee break  
Fri 14 Jun 202416:00Workshop Small groups -Workshop 2 (JD, SC, CC, KL, SK)  
Fri 14 Jun 202416:45Miscellaneous Quiz  
Fri 14 Jun 202417:00Close End of the meeting