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ATCN Teaching Day on Neurophysiology of Sleep
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Friday 8 Jul 2022 09:00 AM
Friday 8 Jul 2022 17:00 PM
Online - Zoom

ATCN teaching day on neurophysiology of sleep.

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TimeType Presenter
09:10Lecture Introduction to the day ATCN
09:15Lecture Short overview / classification of sleep disorders Dr Symmonds
09:45Lecture Overview of diagnostic methods in sleep disorders (including sleep staging, PSG, MSLT, MWT, and actigraphy/diaries) Dr Symmonds
10:15Lecture Sleep related movement disorders Dr Symmonds
10:45Refreshment Coffee Break  
11:00Lecture Narcolepsy / hypersomnolence disorders Prof Leschziner
11:45Lecture REM sleep behaviour disorder / REM parasomnias Prof Leschziner
12:30Refreshment Lunch Break  
13:30Lecture Non-REM Parasomnias in adults and distinguishing from seizures Dr Aurangzeb
14:15Lecture Sleep disorders in children Dr Zaiwalla
15:00Refreshment Coffee Break  
15:15Lecture Sleep-related respiratory disorders Dr Nick Kane
16:00Lecture Case examples reviewing some PSGs and also mention of treatments Dr Symmonds & Dr Aurangzeb
16:45Close Closing Remarks