National Audit in Neurophysiology

Jointly with the Association of Neurophysiological Scientists the BSCN undertakes a regular programme of national audit projects with a view to improving the practice of clinical neurophysiology in the UK

Audits are planned and carried out on a two year cycle with a joint meeting of the two societies at the end of each cycle to discuss the results and choose topics for the next cycle. To see summaries of the previous cycles and associated documents click the links below:

2011-2012 Cycle - Meeting, 11.10.2012, London

Hyperventilation during EEG - Video EEG Telemetry - NCS for carpal tunnel syndrome

2013-2014 Cycle - Meeting 10.10.2014, Birmingham

Photic stimulation - Paediatric sleep induction - NCS for ulnar neuropathy at the elbow

2015-2016 Cycle - Meeting 3.11.2016, Birmingham

Intra-operative monitoring - EEG for non-epileptic attack disorder

2017-2018 Cycle - Meeting 7.2.19, Birmingham

Evoked potentials - Muscle selection in MND - Long-term EEG - Sleep deprived EEG

The lead individuals for the audit group are Dr Ming Lai (BSCN) and Mrs Catherine Pang (ANS)

The BSCN is also cooperating with the ANS and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health in a national audit attemptong to measure and improve the quality of care for children and young people with seizures - Epilepsy 12 - full details can be found by clicking the link and we would encourage all of our members and their departments to cooperate in this. A brief summary is also available here.