The Geoffrey Parr Memorial Lecture

In 1964, the Society instituted a biennial Memorial Lecture in honour of one its founders, Geoffrey Parr, to be given by invitation at one of the scientific meetings.

The Memorial Lecture has been given by the following speakers:

1964  Professor GD Dawson
1966  Dr W Grey Walter
1968  Dr A Remond
1970  Professor MAB Brazier
1972  Professor Sir Martin Roth
1974  Professor F Buchtal
1976  Professor Sir Denis Hill
1978  Professor RG Bickford
1980  Professor D Whitteridge
1982  Dr R Naquet
1984  Dr JAV Bates
1986  Professor R Galambos
1988  Professor R Gilliatt
1990  Prof E Stahlberg
1992  Dr Ray Cooper
1994  Professor Dr FH Lopes da Silva
1996  Professor J Kimura
2000  Professor HE Torebjork
2002  Professor CD Binnie
2004  Professor M Hallett
2006  Professor A Barker
2008  Professor GE Holder
2010  Professor P Furlong
2012  Professor KR Mills
2014  Professor F Mauguiere
2017  Professor D Holder
2021  Dr Matthew Pitt

Geoffrey Parr (1900 - 1961)
Founder member and the first Secretary of the EEG Society (now BSCN), senior technologist at Maida Vale Hospital in London, co-editor of Electroencephalography (Macdonald, 1950).

The history of EEG in Britain is closely connected with Geoffrey Parr. He undertook pioneering work in the discipline, and was instrumental in turning an informal discussion group into the EEG Society. Before the Second World War, he was technical consultant to the first clinical EEG department at Maida Vale Hospital in London, and together with Dr Grey Walter, he designed and built the first commercial EEG machines. He was also a steadfast supporter of television in its earliest days, and was for many years the Secretary of the Television Society.

The eponymous memorial lecture honours the technical and scientific foundation of the specialty in recognition of the manifold contributions made by Geoffrey Parr to development of EEG technology.