Contacts for career advice in the specialty

There are two main types of career in clinical neurophysiology, one via a medical route and one via a scientific route. For doctors contemplating a career in the discipline the Royal College of Physicians summary page on training may be useful, also the syllabus for medical trainees in clinical neurophysiology and entry requirements

Career advice in Clinical Neurophysiology podcast is here.

Doctors who would like information about training in Clinical Neurophysiology can also seek advice from the following BSCN members (link).

The second main career pathway in the speciality is that of neurophysiological scientist, a clinical measurement discipline. Some details regarding this career can be found via the following links:

The Association of Neurophysiological Scientists

NHS Health Careers

Health Education England - Health Practitioner Training Programme

                                        - NHS Scientist Training Programme

                                        - NHS Higher Specialist Sientist Training

The Academy for Healthcare Science

Royal College of Physcians medicine careers showcase 2023

The following universities offer courses/qualifications for neurophysiological scientists

Middlesex University

Aston University - PgCert Neurophysiology

                          - MSc Clinical Science

Manchester Metropolitan University