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Diagnosis of neurological sleep disorders
John O'Reilly

John O’Reilly has been a Regional Lead Consultant in Sleep Medicine for over 30 years. He trained in General and Respiratory medicine in Cambridge, London, Edinburgh and Bristol, and in Sleep Medicine at Stanford. He is a certified European Expert Sleep Specialist.

He has a special interest in Sleep Breathing Disorders and was National Clinical Advisor to the NICE COPD guidelines. He has managed a large cohort of patients with narcolepsy and has experience in investigation and management of parasomnias and sleep movement disorders.

He has promoted education in Sleep Medicine as a member of the British Sleep Society executive and education committee, and co-organiser of the International Sleep Medicine Course. He has been a speaker at National and International conferences and lecturer in Sleep Medicine at Liverpool and Manchester Universities.

This talk will discuss the purpose of sleep, physiology of normal sleep and outcomes of sleep deprivation.

A pragmatic clinical approach is described for the assessment of excessive sleepiness, insomnia, circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders, parasomnias and sleep movement disorders.

The differential diagnosis and physiological investigation of sleep disorders is discussed in relation to the International Classification of sleep disorders (ICSD-3).

Investigation and management of sleep disorders requires an awareness that patients often have more than one sleep disorder.