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Dr Mistry
Posts: 11

12 days ago
Dr Mistry
Posts: 11
Dear All,

I appreciate it is a difficult time for everyone due to COVID-19. Trainees have obviously had their training impacted significantly with some of us in the process of being deployed elsewhere. There are questions and concerns regarding being behind in procedures, DOPS, future rotations, ARCP and legal issues being in other departments. What is the consensus of what is expected of us?

As ATCN we have agreed to try and support remote learning including:

1. Monthly Registrar Study Group (currently 19 volunteer registrars that started in October 2019) - please encourage registrars to get involved and message for further details on


2. Restart Case of the Month; new rota will be circulated shortly.

3. Trial of producing a Neurophysiology Pathway for http://www.ebrain.net/ - any volunteers would be grateful to form a committee

4. Explore options for online learning material;

We would appreciate any support with the above or any other recommended online resources.

Best Wishes

Jiten Mistry

(ATCN President)
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