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BSCN Teaching Day (Pelvic Neurophysiology and Autonomic Testing)
Start Date
End Date
Tuesday 20 Jun 2023 09:00 AM
Tuesday 20 Jun 2023 17:00 PM
33 Queen Square, NHNH, London

Local Organisers

Dr Jalesh N Panicker, Department of Uro-Neurology and Dr Valeria Iodice, Department of Autonomics, NHNN

BSCN Facilitator

Dr Jacquie Deeb, President BSCN

Course Fee:

Consultants/Non-trainees : 100 £

Trainees : Free

Registration Closing Date: 09/06/2023

Note: This is a face to face meeting and no virtual option is avaiable to attend this event.

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Abstracts (can change before the event)
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TimeType Presenter
09:00Registration Registration  
09:30Lecture Welcome Dr Jacquie Deeb
09:40Lecture Introduction to autonomic neurology and physiology Dr Valeria Iodice
10:00Lecture Testing adrenergic cardiovascular function, pressor stimuli and valsalva Dr Valeria Iodice
10:15Lecture Testing adrenergic cardiovascular function, tilt and active standing Dr Valeria Iodice
10:30Lecture Testing parasympathetic function, deep breathing Dr Valeria Iodice
10:45Lecture BP and circadian rhythm Dr Valeria Iodice
11:00Refreshment Coffee Break  
11:20Lecture Advanced autonomic testing, liquid meal and exercise tests Dr Valeria Iodice
11:40Lecture Sudomotor testing, DST and TST Dr Valeria Iodice
12:00Lecture Clinical cases Dr Ingle & Dr Iodice
12:30Refreshment Lunch Break  
13:30Lecture Welcome and Overview Dr Jalesh N Panicker
13:40Lecture Anatomy of the pelvic innervation Dr Prasad Malladi
13:50Lecture SEPs Dr Prasad Malladi
14:10Lecture EMG of the pelvic floor muscles Dr Jalesh N Panicker
14:45Lecture Bulbocavernosus Reflex Dr Prasad Malladi
15:00Lecture Intraoperative Monitoring Dr Prasad Malladi
15:10Refreshment Coffee Break  
15:30Lecture Clinical cases Dr Sara Simeoni,Dr Sarah Wright, Dr Jalesh N Panicker
16:45Lecture Embedding pelvic neurophysiology in clinical practice Dr Jalesh N Panicker
16:55Lecture Conclusion Dr Jalesh N Panicker
17:00Close The End