About BSCN Events

Members may find the following notes regarding BSCN events useful now that these are administered largely through the website

Attendance and Registration

All BSCN members and subscribers are entitled to attend all BSCN events. Pre-registration for any event you wish to attend is mandatory. If you simply turn up on the door you will be turned away if there is no room or charged a punitive late registration fee if there is room. Several recent events have been fully booked!

To register - LOG IN TO THE BSCN SITE FIRST. Even if it is a meeting which we have opened to the general public you will usually be able to register at a cheaper rate. It is one member - one ticket. You cannot register for another person. If you wish to invite a non-member colleague please contact the webmaster or meetings secretary.

Select the meeting you wish to attend on the 'Events' page and book using the 'Book Tickets' button at the bottom of the page for that event

We use PAYPAL as our credit/debit card processor and you will be passed to the PAYPAL site to make payment. You can use any standard credit card. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO OPEN A PAYPAL ACCOUNT! - look for the 'Pay as a guest' option on the PAYPAL payment page.

PAYPAL will email you a receipt for the payment showing what you have paid for. This is your receipt for the event should you need to reclaim costs from your hospital. We do not issue separate receipts or confirmations.

If your payment does not complete successfully the BSCN website will still tell you that you have registered for the meeting for about an hour or so. Once the BSCN site realises that no payment has been received your status will revert to 'Unbooked' and you can try again

Should you find that you cannot attend a meeting for which you have booked then please inform the treasurer and up to 48 hours in advance we will issue a full refund.

Programme and Abstracts

Scientific abstracts for presentation at BSCN meetings are now both submitted through, and archived on the BSCN website. The site provides several facilities for managing abstracts.

To submit an abstract use the 'Submit Abstract' link on the Events Page. You will be able to choose a preferred meeting at which to present but a final decision on what is included in the programme for any given meeting rests with the meetings secretary.

If you are a member then both the members page and the events page offer links to all abstracts which you yourself have submitted (My Abstracts)

To view abstracts for past and fothcoming meetings you have two options

In both the Current BSCN Events list and the Archived BSCN Events list, selecting a meeting will display the programme for that meeting. Click any item to drill down to the content

From the members page there is an abstract search facility which allows you to find abstracts by author, event, originating institution or keyword

Abstracts can be edited at several stages from submission to final acceptance, contact the meetings secretary or webmaster if you have problems with this system.

Registration, Feedback and Attendance certificates

Although the signing in book will still be kept at meeting registration for historical interest and we would encourage you to sign it, it is essential that you sign in with reception and are checked off the electronic register. Unless you are registered as present in this way you will not have officially attended the meeting and we will be unable to issue a CME certificate. It helps if you wear your normal hospital ID or a name-badge from another meeting.

Once signed in you will be able to access the feedback form for the meeting on the BSCN website - go to the 'My Events' link in the left side menu and then click the 'Give feedback' link. Until you have done this you will not be able to obtain an attendance certificate. You must complete the feedback form within two weeks of the meeting. Once you have submitted feedback the 'My Events' page link will change to 'Obtain Attendance Certificate' and through this link the website will email a pdf certificate of attendance to you. Please ensure that your email system does not block email from the BSCN site.

There is normally a two week time window after the event in which you can submit feedback. If you do not complete the feedback form within this period you will miss the opportunity altogether and will be unable to obtain an attendance certificate. Once the feedack form has been completed however the download link for your attendance certficate remains valid indefinitely and you can download additional copies as required.


Special notes for meetings held online with Zoom