Audit cycle 4

A joint meeting between BSCN and NAS was held on 7th February 2019 in Birmingham with 100 delegates attending. The topics were:

Safety and efficacy of long-term EEG monitoring in the out-patient setting

- Ambulatory EEG introduction

- Ambulatory EEG data presentation 

UK Practice in the electrodiagnosis of MND 

All consultant neurophysiologists who see these patients were invited to participate. The following documents which were used for data collection are available here as both pdf files, in case they are needed again for re-audit.

Invitation - Word - PDF

Project instructions - Word - PDF

Form A - Policy questionnaire - Word - PDF

Form B - Patient report sheet - Word - PDF

- Introductory presentation

- Results presentation

- Recommendations presentation

These presentations generated a good deal of discussion at the meeting and will be subject to further discussion and amendment 

Safety and efficacy of sleep-deprived EEG 

- Presentation 

Standardisation of UK evoked potential practice

All UK departments were invited to participate in this audit. The data collection forms are retained here in pdf and word format for future re-use as necessary

Service Evaluation - Word - PDF

Form A - Policy Questionnaire - Word - PDF

Form B - Patient report sheet, several test specfic versions:

... BAEP - Word - PDF

... VEP - Word - PDF

... Upper limb SSEP - Word - PDF

... Lower limb SSEP - Word - PDF

- SEP Presentation

- BAEP Presentation

- VEP presentation a

- VEP presentation b