British Society for Clinical Neurophysiology promote and encourage for the public benefit the science and practice of clinical neurophysiology and related sciences

Council Members


Officers    From

Dr Adrian Fowle

President 2017
Dr Veronica Leach Secretary 2017
Dr Gareth Payne Treasurer 2016
Dr Rachel Thornton and Dr Arup Mallik Meetings Secretary 2019/2017
Dr Ronit Pressler International Secretary 2019
Dr Jeremy Bland Webmaster 2016
Dr James Burge Membership Secretary 2014

Dr Shereef Mytheen

Education Committee Chair 2014
Prof Martin Koltzenburg Clinical Standards Committee Chair 2018
Standing Committee Chairs    
Dr Ming Lai Medical 2017
Ms Lesley Chandra Clinical Scientists 2018
Ordinary Members    
Dr Shushma Goyal   2019
Dr Andrew Michell   2019
Dr Daniel Konn   2017
Dr Mark Baker   2017
Dr Louis Merton Clinical Champion 2006
Dr Jiten Mistry President, ATCN 2019
Dr Giulia Attard Vice-president ATCN 2019
Dr Nandini Mullatti  SAC Chair 2016
Mr Peter Walsh Chair, ANS 2018

Members of the council are charity trustees within the defintion of the Charities Act 1993 and also directors of the Society registered at Companies House

Outgoing council, October 2017


 updated 19th October 2017

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