Council Members


Officers Society Role Email From
Dr Gareth Payne President; 2023
Dr Ronit Pressler President Elect & Honorary Secretary; 2023
Prof Mark Baker Treasurer; 2020
Dr Syed AR Shah Webmaster; 2022
Dr Samantha Jefferson Membership Secretary; 2023
Dr Sushma Goyal International Secretary; 2020
Dr Zaloa Agirre-Arrizubieta Meetings Secretary; 2023
Prof Martin Koltzenburg Clinical Standards Committee Chair; 2018
Dr Brython Hywel Education Committee Chair; 2023
Dr Andrew Michell Medical Standing Committee Chair; 2023
Ordinary Members      
Dr Stephan Jaiser Ordinary Member; 2020
Dr Rachel Thornton Ordinary Member; 2021
Dr Natalie Ross Ordinary Member; 2021
Dr Friederike Moeller Ordinary Member; 2022
Dr Simon Freilich Ordinary Member; 2023
Dr Jiten Mistry Ordinary Member; 2023
Standing Committee Chairs:      
Mr Peter Bill Clinical Scientist; 2022
Co-Opted members:      
Dr Nandini Mullatti SAC Chair; ?
Mrs Kelly Bill ANS Chair; 2022
Dr Joseph Hutchinson President of the ATCN; 2024
Mrs Georgina Carr Lay Representative; 2020
Mrs Louise Jones Administrator; 2020



Members of the council are charity trustees within the defintion of the Charities Act 1993 and also directors of the Society registered at Companies House.



Updated April 2024