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The 2017 ILAE Classification of Seizures & the Epilepsies
Prof Sameer Zuberi

Sameer is a a consultant Paediatric Neurologist at the Royal Hospital for Children and Honorary Professor in the University of Glasgow. He graduated in Medicine from Edinburgh University and trained in paediatrics and neurology in Edinburgh, Sydney and Glasgow. His clinical and  reserach interests include epilepsy, neurogenetics and neurological sleep disorders. He leads the Paediatric Neurosciences Research Group and is clinical lead of the National Services Scotland funded Genetic Epilpesy Service. He is President of the European Paediatric Neurology Society, Editor-in-Chief of the Eur. J. of Paed Neuro, R&D  Lead for Greater Glasgow & Clyde and was Chair of the ILAE commission on calssification and terminology 2013-17.

In this talk I will review the 2017 ILAE Classification of Seizure Types and the Epilepsies. This is the first official ILAE classification since 1989 and is the product of several decades of work. I will briefly discuss the reasons for the revision and outline the key new developments which are presented in three companion papers in Epilepsia. I will discuss how the classification is designed for clinical practice and how it can be implemented in everyday practice. I will emphasise how EEG data is integral to classification of epilepsy types and syndromes.