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Lecture Details

Muscle MRI: A useful tool for adult and paediatric neuromuscular physicians
Dr Maria Elena Farrugia

Graduated in Medicine and surgery from University of Malta 1995. Trained in postgraduate medicine, then specialist training in neurology Aberdeen Royal Inf, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee and Southern General Hospital, Glasgow. Trained in neuromuscular disorders at the Muscle & Nerve centre in Oxford under the supervision of the late Prof Newsom-Davis, Prof Vincent and Dr Hilton Jones. Graduated in DPhil (University of Oxford) in 2005. The research work undertaken during the DPhil was based on the clinical (including neurophysiological and radiological) features  of MuSK antibody positive myasthenia gravis and laboratory-based characteristics of MuSK antibody positive serum. 

Consultant neurologist, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow since 2007. Lead clinician  for myasthenia gravis and for adult muscle disorders.

Research interests include

  • Various aspects of myasthenia including tools to measure disease burden and faigue
  • Myotonic dystrophy
  • Muscle imaging in neuromuscular disorders
  • Mitochondral disorders
  1. To discuss muscle MRI protocol applied in neuromuscular medicine
  2. To illustrate some diagnostic muscle MRI patterns in different limb girdle muscular dystrophies, congenital myopathies and congenital muscular dystrophies
  3. To illustrate overlap in classifications
  4. Discussions of diagnostic role and limitations of muscle MRI