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2018 Autumn Scientific Meeting and AGM
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Friday 19 Oct 2018 09:00 AM
Friday 19 Oct 2018 17:00 PM
Royal Free Hospital, London

THIS MEETING IS NOW FULLY BOOKED - apologies to anyone who wants to come and has not registered but the venue has limited room. Should anyone cancel then a few places may become available. If you would like to be added to a waiting list then please email as I will keep a waiting list.

Programme (can change before the event)
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09:00Abstract Exploring ultrasound markers of impaired water induced skin wrinkling in peripheral neuropathy Dr. Antonin Gechev
09:15Abstract Differential HCN channel expression and function as a possible explanation for specific symptomatology in neurological diseases: Indications in peripheral neuropathy and hemifacial spasm. Mr Oliver Marmoy
09:30Abstract Retrospective Analysis of the Sensitivity of the Long Exercise Test (McManis) in an unselected cohort Miss Ana Benilde Carneiro Ribeiro
09:45Abstract An investigation of the best estimate for the lower limit of the sural response in a patient population Miss Tanvi Khetan
10:00Lecture Brain Rhythms of Sleep Ivana Rosenzweig
10:40Refreshment Coffee  
11:10Abstract Reviving a simple and objective tool to test reaction time during absence seizures. (Adrian Prize candidate) Dr Vandana Dhawan
11:25Abstract Feasibility of language-related ERP recordings from stereo-EEG in children (Adrian Prize candidate) Dr Birgit Pimpel
11:40Abstract Network-wide changes in connectivity after radiofrequency thermocoagulation (Adrian Prize candidate) Dr Richard Rosch
11:55Lecture The role of clinical neurophysiology in disorders of consciousness Peter Kaplan
12:40Refreshment Lunch  
13:30AGM AGM  
14:10Lecture Clinical Neurophysiology of Movement Disorders Carla ‎ Cordivari
14:50Refreshment Tea  
15:20Abstract A novel impedance spectroscopy for the assessment of tongue musculature in ALS Mr Harry McDonough
15:35Abstract Effects of the venom of three species of Sri Lankan snakes on the neuromuscular junction: Hypnale hypnale (Hump Nosed Viper), Dabioia russelii (Russell’s Viper) and Bungarus caeruleus (Common Krait). Prof Mike Sedgwick
15:50Abstract Anatomical Sensitivity of EMG in Inflammatory Myositis (Adrian Prize candidate) Dr Glenn Holland
16:05Abstract The Growing Potential of Long Tract Neurophysiology in Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis – A Prospective Investigation over 3 years (Adrian Prize candidate) Dr Luke J W Canham
16:20Abstract Electromyography in Collagen VI myopathy Dr Daniel Rudd

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