British Society for Clinical Neurophysiology promote and encourage for the public benefit the science and practice of clinical neurophysiology and related sciences

Presidents of the Society

1943-1951      Professor ED Adrian
1951-1959      Professor FL Golla
1959-1963      Professor PCR Cloake
1963-1964      Professor  EA Carmichael
1964-1970      Mr DWC Northfield
1970-1972      Dr SL Last
1972-1974      Professor GD Dawson
1974-1976      Dr WA Cobb
1976-1978      Dr JAV Bates
1978-1980      Dr MV Driver
1980-1982      Dr G Pampiglione
1982-1984      Dr Rosemary Cooper
1984-1986      Dr AM Halliday
1986-1988      Dr Ray Cooper
1988-1990      Dr PF Prior
1990-1993      Professor EM Sedgwick
1993-1996      Professor CD Binnie
1996-1999      Professor GFA Harding
1999-2002      Professor KR Mills
2002-2005      Dr NMF Murray
2005-2008      Professor J Cole
2008-2011      Dr P Heath
2011-2014      Dr Robin Kennett
2014-2017      Dr Nick Kane

2017-                Dr Adrian Fowle