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Audit cycle 4

 The first topic for the next audit cycle is the neurophysiological investigation of suspected motor neurone disease. All consultant neurophysiologists who see these patients are invited to participate. The following documents for the audit are available here as both pdf files, for easy viewing within the website and as .docx word files which you can download and use to participate :

Invitation - Word - PDF

Project instructions - Word - PDF

Form A - Policy questionnaire - Word - PDF

Form B - Patient report sheet - Word - PDF


The second topic for this cycle is an evaluation of evoked potential practice

Service Evaluation - Word - PDF

Form A - Policy Questionnaire - Word - PDF

Form B - Patient report sheet, several test specfic versions:

... BAEP - Word - PDF

... VEP - Word - PDF

... Upper limb SSEP - Word - PDF

... Lower limb SSEP - Word - PDF